What Is The Best Type Of Battery For Camping?

What Is The Best Type Of Battery For Camping? />

Whenever a camping trip involving a RV or a caravan is planned, a common question is what type of battery is best for powering the electrical devices such as fridges and TV's which might be taken on the trip.

Looking at the options available, there are two broad categories of batteries available. Each has its own features and characteristics. In order to understand which of the two is best for camping, a comparison needs to be done.

The first type is the starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) battery. This type of battery is also known as an automotive battery since it is normally used in cars and other road transport. The primary purpose of this battery is to provide a burst of high magnitude current in order to start the car.

These batteries are not suitable for deep discharges as they can become permanently damaged if they undergo frequent deep charge/discharge cycles. In light of these features, the SLI battery is not suitable for camping.

The second type is the deep cycle battery. It is capable of providing a steady current for longer durations. Furthermore, as the name suggests, it has a longer lifespan because it can withstand deep discharge cycles without any permanent damage to the battery itself.

That is why a deep cycle battery is more suitable for camping. The electronic appliances and devices need to have a stable supply for powering or charging them.

A deep cycle battery can meet these requirements and continue to function properly for its average lifecycle of 2-3 years.

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