What Battery Should I Buy For My Jet Ski?

What Battery Should I Buy For My Jet Ski? />


jet ski batteries

Jet Skis are popular recreational and sports vehicles. They are often used for water motorsports and joyrides during vacations. While riding a jet ski is a thrilling experience, one must not forget the importance of keeping the jet ski in perfect working condition.

Choosing the right battery is among the key choices that determine the performance of the jet ski. With that in mind, BPZ would like to highlight the type of battery which would serve your jet ski best so that it leads to an uninterrupted user experience.

Since the purpose of the battery in a jet ski is to provide the high magnitude burst of current needed to start it, the ideal battery would be an SLI battery.

The voltage requirement of the jet ski battery is 12V. Another key consideration when deciding the battery of the jet ski is the nature of its engine. Older models are generally 2-stroke while newer models are 4-stroke.

This changes the model specification of the suitable battery. Since the battery can be exposed to sand and water, the casing of the battery must be rugged so that it can withstand these harsh conditions.

Finally, one may need to decide on the type of SLI battery as well. This decision is normally dependent on the available budget.

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