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At BatteryPower Zone we pride ourselves at being a transparent company, educating our customers about our products, assisting them to make informed decisions when it comes to investing in the best batteries.

There are a few common types of batteries one can find in a car. For a broader discussion, we would include electric cars as well where the battery provides the motive power instead of the SLI functionality you would find in fuel-based cars.

These include:

  • Wet/Flooded – These may be presented in a vented or “top up” version, or as a sealed version. This is the more common lead-acid battery that one would find in most cars. They are highly popular in motor vehicles as an SLI (starting lighting ignition) battery due to their affordable price.
  • Calcium-Calcium – The addition of Calcium in both Positive and Negative plates is a distinct advantage in enhancing battery performance and eliminating dangerous gassing. Some manufacturers only include calcium in the negative plate, retaining a cast positive plate. This option is known as a hybrid version. All ENERTEC/ ENERGIZER batteries utilise the patented POWERFRAME grid incorporating Calcium in both the Positive and Negative grids.
  • EFB – Enhanced Flooded Battery is a step up from normal wet acid batteries, and a step down from AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries. These batteries have enhanced performance characteristics when compared to normal wet acid batteries. Their improved functionality was designed for use in modern, high demand vehicles and in particular, in start stop vehicles.
  • VRLA - Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery.
    • AGM – Absorbed Glass Mat may be used in SLI (starting, lighting, ignition) applications for vehicles with high electrical demands and with adjusted technology may also be used in stationary applications. Bear in mind that AGM refers to the state of the battery’s electrolyte and is not indicative of the performance characteristics of the battery. AGM Batteries (with differently designed plates) may be used in SLI, Float, High heat, Deep Cycle applications.
      NOTE: It is not advisable to use a SLI (starting, lighting, ignition ) AGM battery in a Deep Cycle application. Although a SLI AGM battery will perform better than a normal wet acid battery. See catalogue for battery applications.
    • GEL – Gel Batteries are not designed for SLI applications. They are designed for stationary applications with strict reference to charging voltage and ambient temperature.
  • Deep cycle Batteries – are suitable for providing motive power and stationary backup power rather than a starting function. This is why they are used for example, in electric cars, golf carts, UPS, and Marine and Leisure applications. They are capable of providing steady power over a long period of time. Some Deep Cycle batteries are designed to function in a dual role of both SLI (starting, lighting, ignition) as well as supplying auxiliary power. Deep cycle batteries are relatively more expensive.
  • Poweroad – our comprehensive range of Lithium - Iron batteries for motorcycle starting
  • Battery Chargers – we are stockists of the Internationally recognised CTEK range of battery chargers. Ranging from the consumer range for very day use to workshop and specialised motive power functions. The range incorporates wide range functionality for all types of battery technologies including lead acid and Lithium – Iron. These chargers may be used without disconnecting the vehicles battery and may be left connected permanently to the vehicle’s battery (so long as there is no permanent load connected to the battery – like a fridge). Should there be a permanent substantial load on the battery then the Ctek charger must be set to the “supply” mode. When recharging a battery under normal conditions, then the relevant mode must be chosen.
  • DC to DC chargers –Another CTEK innovation incorporating five level charging algorithms for onboard charging of auxiliary batteries. These units come with many great features including inputs for solar panel charging with built in MPPT controller. The SE version is compatible with modern day smart alternators.
  • Foldable Solar panels – Our SOLAFLEX fold up solar panels incorporate 130 watts of usable charging power generated from the sun, and with built in voltage controller. The units are light weight, take up very little space and may be expanded when connected to in parallel to increase the power output.

At BatteryPower Zone (BPZ) we stock and sell a wide range of automotive batteries, battery chargers and accessories and our dedicated team of battery specialists is on hand to assist with your automotive battery requirements.