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Batteries remain a vast topic of discussion which encompass many dimensions. That is why to cover as much detail as possible, things are kept general where broad classifications and sub-categories are covered instead of specific batteries. While this is good for providing customers with a holistic view regards various battery technologies, it may not address the unique features of particular battery models are able to offer. Battery Powerzone recognizes this need for specific information. Three different batteries will be explored today. This will address the following:-  defining features, technical specifications, and applications.


This is a popular product for the South African market. The FORBATT  deep cycle VRLA GEL battery is ideal for standby and backup purposes. To understand the battery better, it is important to understand the classification and sub-category of this product. The battery is deep cycle by definition. This means that it can provide a steady current over longer durations and can withstand deeper discharge/ recharge cycles compared to an automotive battery. The subcategory of the battery is VRLA ( valve regulated lead acid) Gel. This means that the battery is sealed and is “maintenance-free”. The battery has a gelled electrolyte which is not liquid. This eliminates the risk of electrolyte leakage which can prove to be hazardous. Furthermore, gel batteries, have greater resistance to harsh conditions in terms of temperature and vibration.

The Enertec VRLA Gel (in terms of dimensions) is a reasonably sized battery with a length of 330 mm, width of 174 mm and height of 219 mm. That said, it is on the heavier side with a weight of 29.9 kg. A key quality of any reliable deep cycle battery is that it must have a good cyclic capability. This particular battery with its high integrity gelled electrolyte coupled with thick plates definitely delivers on that front. This quality makes it suitable for its primary application of being a backup battery. Enertec VRLA Gel has been tried and tested in the harsh conditions of Africa and it has continued to deliver great performance. As a result, there are different applications in which this battery may be utilized. This. This battery may be utilized in UPS ( uninterruptable power systems)incorporating inverter/ charger systems  It may be used in off-grid solar power solutions as well as hybrid or AC/ solar based UPS systems which provide backup power in times of power outages.


The Discover Dry Cell Battery is a traction deep cycle battery. The sub-category of these batteries is AGM (absorbed glass mat) The construction of AGM involves a fine fibreglass mat being sandwiched tightly between the plates of the battery. The mat is saturated with electrolyte. By having such a tightly held construction, the battery becomes less prone to damage due to vibrations. Another benefit of this configuration is lowered internal resistance. The saturated fibreglass mat also ensures even distribution of the electrolyte across the battery plates enhancing performance. The benefit low internal resistance is faster charging without the battery overheating.

In terms of dimensions, the Discover Battery 12V is fairly compact which makes it suitable for traction applications. The battery is 166 mm long, 175 mm wide and 125 mm high. The weight of the battery is 9 kg. The battery possesses a host of unique features which increases its capability as an AGM deep cycle battery. The electrolyte present in the mat is capable of handling higher ampere-hour capacities. The design of the battery comprises of carbon boost, special polymers and some gel addition. As a result, the battery can work well in situations where the battery may be partially discharged without any permanent damage to the battery itself. Another benefit of this design is faster recharge times which becomes useful when the battery needs to be used right away. The presence of gel maintains the moisture of the electrolyte so that it does not dry out while the acid starved specification ensures that the integrity of the plates is maintained during usage.

The battery is ideal for use with golf carts, small watercraft, and wheelchairs and UPS systems.  All DISCOVER DRY CELL batteries are IATA  rated as non-hazardous making them ideally suitable for such applications. Discover Dry Cell batteries also have the capability of being used for backup applications as well. They perform well in UPS systems and in small inverter/charger applications.

This Battery has been tried and tested in Africa’s harsh environment for the past twenty years enjoying great success together with the other DRY CELL models available. 


Lithium-ion technology in general is considered as one the leading products in the future of battery innovations.  Their common use in electric vehicles means that their demand and usage is expected to grow as the world shifts towards green alternatives. The ENERTEC Lithium-ion battery is an example of the lithium revolution. The battery is in fact pitched as a lead-acid battery drop-in replacement. Lithium-ion batteries are lighter and more portable than lead-acid batteries. They have a longer lifespan and possess high energy density with little self-discharge. 

This  ENERTEC Lithium-ion battery is quite compact.  It is 151 mm long, 65 mm wide and 100 mm high. This means that it can fit in smaller inaccessible spaces with ease. This particular battery holds an edge over its lead-acid counterparts in many advantageous ways. It delivers higher performance characteristics, quicker recharging and much higher cycle life.  Unlike lead-acid batteries, it does not suffer from permanent damage if left discharged for long periods. Physically, it is lighter and smaller compared to lead-acid batteries. This battery is suitable for use in many different applications. The benefits of Lithium Ion far outweigh those of lead batteries. These include – lighter in weight, are damaged by partial state of charge charging, far quicker recharge capabilities, the availability of full capacity from Start voltage to end voltage (unlike lead caid batteries which begin to lose capacity the minute a load is applied to them), far greater cycle life. One, therefore, needs to consider the total cost of ownership over the expected life span of the battery in specific applications. If a lead acid battery needs to be replaced two or three times in a specific time period, then Lithium-Ion batteries may be considered a good return on investment not to mention the added features and benefits. 

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