What Is The Advantage Of A Deep Cycle Battery?

What Is The Advantage Of A Deep Cycle Battery? />


deep cycle battery

The deep cycle battery has some unique characteristics that offers certain advantages for different applications. These features stem from the construction of the battery itself and subsequently ensures that the deep cycle battery fulfills the requirements of use.

The main advantage of a deep cycle battery is its ability to provide a steady current over longer duration. This is achieved by the use of thicker plates in the construction of the battery which minimizes the surface area.

As a result, the maximum magnitude of the current is lower, but it can be sustained over an extended period of time. That is why it is often used as a power source for golf carts, wheelchairs, boats and other electrical devices.

Another advantage of deep cycle battery is their higher cycle count. This complements their use as a power source and ensures that they can be frequently recharged without any permanent damage to the battery itself.

To put things in perspective, for 30% discharge levels, a deep cycle battery can last over 1000 cycles while a SLI battery might only last around 100 cycles.

As a result of the aforementioned advantages, the deep cycle battery is the ideal type of battery to use in a camping situation. It can be used to power electrical appliances like fridges and TV and also serve the power source for charging electronics like laptops and smartphones.

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