How Can You Tell If A Golf Cart Battery Is Still Good?

How Can You Tell If A Golf Cart Battery Is Still Good? />

The battery technology continues to evolve and improve which has led to better functionality and service life. That being said, the reality remains that after a while the battery would still go bad.

This is applicable to the golf cart battery as well. In order to avoid the hassle of a dead battery, many users often inquire about the signs that prove the battery is still good and is not about to go bad.

BPZ understands the significance of such important queries. With that in mind, some key signs that indicate the battery health level are discussed below.

If there has not been any change in the backup time that the battery offers on a single charge, then it is fair to assume that the battery is still good.

Various similar observations can be made which would indicate the good health of the battery. The golf cart starts without any unusual delay or additional effort.

While driving the golf cart, it is able to maintain and reach its top speed without any issues. If there are any lights on the golf cart, then they do not look like dimmer than usual or flicker in any way.

Another method is to take your batteries to a reputable battery company to do a capacity discharge test. This test will give you an indication on how much life is left in the batteries and whether a replacement is needed.

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