What Kind Of Battery Do I Need For My Golf Cart?

What Kind Of Battery Do I Need For My Golf Cart? />


golf cart batteries

Golf is a fairly popular sport played all around the world both professionally and casually. Golf carts are synonymous with this sport as the means to navigate around the course.

They can be either fuel based or electric vehicles. In recent times, electric golf carts are being given preference as they are considered as the eco-friendly option.

Both of these golf cart types have different battery needs. In order to provide guidance for all golf cart owners, BPZ has some pointers that can help you get the right battery for your golf cart.

The role of the battery varies on the nature of the golf cart. If the golf cart is fuel based, then it would need a SLI battery which can provide the necessary starting current for the golf cart.

On the other hand, for electric golf carts, a deep cycle battery which can act as an energy source for the golf cart is needed. The voltage of the battery depends on the golf cart.

They are usually 6v, 8v or 12v and it can fall under any sub-category of deep cycle battery ranging from lead-acid to lithium ion. The size of the golf cart also plays a role in the choice of battery.

For a 2-seater golf cart, a smaller battery with a lower Ah rating would work fine but in the case of a 4-seater golf cart, a larger battery with higher Ah rating is recommended.

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