What Battery Should I Buy For My Motorbike

What Battery Should I Buy For My Motorbike />


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In both recreation and everyday life, motorbikes are an essential mode of transport. Thousands of users use motorbikes for their daily commute. On the other hand, the use of motorbikes for sports races on different terrains, like tarmac and dirt, is quite popular too.

One thing that binds all these different uses of motorbikes together is the choice of the battery. For proper functioning, it is important that the user buys the correct battery for their respective motorbike.

With that in mind, BPZ would make some suggestions on what battery should be bought for a motorbike.

The role of a battery in a motor bike is to provide the initial burst of current at the time of starting and provide energy to the electronics present in the motorbike. For this particular role, a SLI battery is needed.

Motorbikes need a 12V battery which can belong to any sub-category of SLI batteries. Some possible options include lead-acid, AGM, gel and lithium ion. Given the nature of a motorbike, the lighter the bike, the lower the fuel consumption.

That is why it is recommended that the correct small and lightweight battery is selected for a motorbike. Having a battery that is too small will also shorten the life of a battery.

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