What Are Sports Utility Batteries?

Batteries are ever present in the daily routine of people belonging to all walks of life. From our cars to our homes, it is very difficult to imagine life without them. With so many battery types around, the average consumer may find it overwhelming.

That is why it is best to classify them on the basis of their characteristics and use. One such broad classification of batteries is sport utility batteries.

They are designed with a specific purpose in mind and cater to a specific market of users. For the information of the wider audience, BPZ would like to explain sports utility batteries.

Sports utility batteries are normally utilised for motorsport vehicles. These include jet skis, motorbikes, UTVs, ATV, etc. Generally, they are fuel-based vehicles which means that sports utility batteries are generally SLI batteries as their main role is to provide the starting current needed to switch on these vehicles.

In some cases, like for golf carts, they can also be deep cycle batteries as well. Additionally, these batteries are more rugged than the average SLI battery because they are often used in harsh conditions.

Another key feature of these batteries is the fact they need to be smaller and preferably lighter than the average battery keeping in mind the conditions where most sports vehicles are used.

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