Why are batteries called AA and AAA?

Why are batteries called AA and AAA? />

You have heard about the AA & AAA batteries but confused about both types of batteries then don’t worry we are here to provide you solution to this. The simple and main difference among both types of batteries is capable of the potential charge and the size. But the most significant difference is size because batteries are called AA & AAA because of their size and dimension.

AA doesn’t stand for anything. It is simply an identifier for a battery of given dimensions and nominal voltage. AAA batteries are smaller in size as compared to AA. The Size of both batteries matter as they can only operate on  size-specific devices. You can’t fit the AA battery on the slot of AAA but if you want to do so then you have to use the adaptors.

If we talk about the voltage of both AA and AAA batteries then we came to know that both carry the same amount of voltage, as bigger batteries do, such as the D type. These batteries just consume a single cell and a nine-volt battery utilises 6 cells in the series to produce a higher voltage. If the size of AAA batteries is smaller than it means that the amount of electrochemical material is smaller, which contains that electric charge.

Both AA and AAA batteries usage often varies, but there are no rules and regulations for when to use one over the other. You have to keep in mind that you should recognize the device that consumes a lot of power or less power. If a device needs high power, then use AA batteries else AAA is recommended.

High consumption devices include toys (battery operated) and small electric torches. More than one cell is required to raise the voltage in these devices and to increase the operating time. Low power AAA batteries are used by portable devices, that don’t require much power such as clocks and remote controllers. These are also recognised as alkaline batteries. It is made of steel and a mixture of zinc/manganese/potassium/graphite, paper, and plastic. These batteries are recyclable because of non-toxic materials.

For rechargeable batteries, you would require a charger that perfectly charges your batteries, but if you have both AA and AAA batteries, you should find a charger that charges both types of batteries .The charger has a moveable part that uses a spring to fix the battery in right place. In short, the charger would not need to treat AA & AAA batteries differently.

Short comparison:

  1. AAA batteries are smaller compared to A. The smallest battery is of pin-shaped, 3.5mm diameter lithium-ion.
  2. AAA batteries carry a smaller amount of mixture as compared to the AA.
  3. AAA batteries carry a smaller amount of charge as compared to the AA.
  4. AAA batteries are used in small and low power devices, while AA batteries are used in high power devices.

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