The Best Way To Recycle An Old Car Battery

The Best Way To Recycle An Old Car Battery />


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Recycling materials from the products we use in everyday life is a part of our responsibility towards our environment. Car owners are becoming conscious of this trend and are adopting various eco-friendly practices such as shifting towards electric vehicles. When it comes to batteries, recycling is very much a possibility. Many car owners want to recycle their old batteries and want to know the best possible way to do so. BPZ wants to help and encourage such individuals in order to promote the culture of recycling. We would see if the battery recycling process can be performed at home or not and understand the risks associated with it. Our primary focus would be on the method which is the most optimum and efficient.

How To Recycle The Battery

The first important clarification regarding recycling your car battery pertains to the fact whether it can be done at home or not. The reality is that the process cannot be done safely at home, so it is highly unrecommended to try it yourself. This is because the battery is filled with harmful and hazardous materials. When breaking the battery down, it is possible that one may be exposed to electrolyte of the battery which is corrosive in nature and can cause skin burns. Similarly, fumes from the battery can cause irritation of the eyes and the respiratory tract. The challenges do not end with breaking the battery down. It is also very difficult to extract the resources and reuse them to make another battery at home. This would require considerable resources and technical knowledge to complete the process.

Having seen the problems with trying to recycle the battery at home, we shift our attention towards the best possible method of recycling your old car battery which is through a battery recycling center. These facilities have a trained staff along with the necessary equipment to complete the recycling process safely and efficiently.  You can drop off the battery at one of such facilities and they would take care of the rest. If it’s not possible to transport the battery safely then it is possible to request them to pick up the battery from your location. Another possible route that can be taken is to exchange your old battery for a new one. Stores have promotions that provide discounts if you hand over an old battery to them. These stores either recycle the battery themselves or ship old batteries in bulk to the aforementioned recycling facilities.

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