Can 12.2 Volts Start a Truck?

Can 12.2 Volts Start a Truck? />


Truck batteries and car batteries, while similar in terms of their operations, have some key differences as well. These differences generate different questions that may offer useful insights for both car and truck batteries.

One such question is whether 12.2 Volts is enough to start a truck or not. This question can be viewed from different perspectives which helps us in establishing links between car batteries and truck batteries.

Since a car battery is normally 12 Volts, this query can be rephrased as to whether a car battery or a 12 Volt battery be used as a truck battery.

Similarly, one could ask if a 12 Volt car battery can be used to jumpstart a truck battery.

In short, 12.2 Volts is not enough to start a large truck. This is because trucks normally require 24 Volt batteries which provide higher starting currents compared to 12 Volt batteries. In other words, a single car battery cannot be used to start a truck. However, as a workaround, 2 x 12 V batteries connected in series can get the job done.

Truck batteries usually offer a starting current which is 2-3 times greater than that of a 12 Volt car battery.

Similarly, a 12 Volt battery cannot be used to jumpstart a truck battery due to the same aforementioned reasons. To perform a jumpstart of a truck battery, another 24-volt battery set is needed along with high-quality heavy duty jumper cables. Alternatively, a battery charger that supports 24 V batteries and has heavy-duty cables can get the job done as well.