The Primary Function of a Generator Battery is to provide power to the Generator Engine Starter

The Primary Function of a Generator Battery is to provide power to the Generator Engine Starter />

Battery PowerZone stocks batteries of all types, sizes, and applications. One of the most popular battery types we are selling currently are our generator batteries. 

South Africa is no stranger to power outages and load shedding. However, true to form, South Africans are taking matters into their own hands and doing all they can to keep their lights on when the electricity is off. 

The most popular way to produce your own power is with a generator. Once you have purchased your generator, we recommend ensuring that your generator’s battery is always in good condition so that it can serve you well during load shedding. 

Your generator needs a good quality battery so that it starts up properly, and the battery is therefore a crucial component. 

Battery PowerZone stocks the top battery brands for generators, such as Energiser, Enertec, and Optima.

We have a full range of batteries to fit any make of generator. Some examples of batteries fitting the generator application include but are not limited to the following: 

·      Energiser 674P-ENG; 

·      Enertec 682-RED

·      Enertec 683-RED 

·      Enertec 689-RED 

·      Enertec 689HC-RED

·      Optima RTS2/1-OPT

·      Optima YTS4/2-OPT

·      Optima YTS5/5-OPT


If you need a new battery for your generator, why not visit Battery PowerZone in store? We have stores in KZN, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, and in the Eastern Cape, and would be delighted to provide you with assistance in selecting the right battery for your needs. 

Alternatively, you can shop online on our convenient website. Our online store is safe and secure, and we deliver throughout South Africa. 


Generator Batteries Frequently Asked Questions

Need some information on generator batteries? Battery PowerZone has answers to your most common questions below: 

How do I know which is the right battery for my generator?

Generators typically use 12-Volt batteries, which is coincidentally the same kind of battery that you would use in your car. 

These are lead-acid batteries that can be bought from your local Battery PowerZone store. 

As a general rule of thumb, it’s always best to consult your generator’s user manual as there will be a section dedicated to the type of battery that should be used. 

If you have misplaced your generator’s user manual, feel free to pop into a Battery PowerZone store, and one of our sales associates will be able to guide you. 

Remember that batteries are our business, so we’d be delighted to assist! 

Is a battery for a petrol generator different to a diesel generator?

Excellent question! The main difference between petrol and diesel generators lies in the fuel used to power the generator. However, most petrol and diesel generators have batteries to make the fuel injection process work. 

There is normally no difference between a petrol and diesel generator battery, but this, of course, will vary from model to model. 

If you’re looking for a suitable battery for your diesel or petrol generator, feel free to visit Battery PowerZone in store and we’ll guide you accordingly. 


Which is the best battery for a home generator system?

Unlike industrial generators that require large-capacity batteries, your home generator system works on a simple, 12 Volt lead-acid battery. 

This battery is powerful and hardworking and ensures that your generator starts up. 

Fortunately, there are many brands that manufacture this kind of battery. Battery PowerZone sells batteries from reputable brands, including Enertec, Energizer, and more. 

If you need guidance on the best brand for your generator needs, feel free to contact us or visit us in store. 


Is a generator battery the same as a car battery?

Yes, a generator battery is a 12-Volt battery and is identical to that used in a car, but they are typically marketed differently. 

Battery PowerZone sells both car and generator batteries.

What accessories do I need for my generator battery?

The good news is that if you have a good quality battery, you don’t need many accessories. Battery PowerZone recommends investing in a suitable battery charger. 

Battery chargers can help keep your battery fully charged, and charging your battery properly extends its lifespan. Click here to browse our collection of battery chargers, or visit Battery PowerZone in store where we can assist you personally. 

What maintenance needs to be done on a generator battery?

It’s very easy to maintain your generator battery and keep it in excellent condition. Here are Battery PowerZone’s top tips: 

  • Keep your battery clean and dry at all times. If you notice any dust or dirt on the battery, give it a gentle wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Never immerse your generator battery in water! 

  • Ensure that your battery is always charged to 100% and remember to recharge it every week or so when not in use

  • Regularly inspect your battery for signs of corrosion or leaks


How long will a generator battery last?

There is no hard and fast rule but, generally speaking, generator batteries last for 2 to 3 years before they need to be replaced. 

However, if you keep your battery clean, dry, and charged at 100% at all times, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t last you for at least 3 years. 

How do I keep my generator battery charged?

The best way to keep your battery charged is to use a good quality battery charger. 

Battery PowerZone stocks a wide range of battery chargers for this purpose that are easy to use and suited for a generator application. 

You can purchase battery chargers in a Battery PowerZone store, or you can shop in our convenient, online store. 

How do I ensure the best performance from my generator battery?

To keep your generator’s battery working as well as possible, and for as long as possible, keep it stored in a clean and dry place. 

If you notice any dust or dirt on your battery, give it a quick wipe with a dry cloth. Any leaks or corrosion is cause for concern and could mean that your battery won’t work as efficiently. 

When in doubt, pop in to your local Battery PowerZone store for advice. 

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