Security Battery Options at Battery PowerZone

Security Battery Options at Battery PowerZone />


Battery Power Zone has an extensive range of batteries for security applications.

Security is top of mind for every household and every business in South Africa, so when you are looking for the best brands on the market Battery Power Zone is the place to be.

It is vital to ensure that your security system’s battery is functioning optimally as you never know when you’ll need it.

With South Africa’s high rate of electricity blackouts and load shedding, this can make your alarm system’s battery wear down quicker. We recommend checking your battery on a regular basis.

If you are looking for batteries to support your alarm and security system, below are Battery Power Zone’s top recommendations.

Discover Security Batteries

Battery Zone is proud to stock a range of batteries from Discover.

Discover Battery’s high-value Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA), Advanced Lithium & Dry Cell battery power solutions are engineered and purpose-built with award-winning patented technology.

Browse our website to find the most suitable Discover brand batteries:

Forbatt Security Batteries

Forbatt offers many solutions giving the end-user the best of all worlds.

Battery PowerZone can assist if you are looking for a Forbatt security battery:

POWEROAD Lithium-Ion Batteries for Security applications

If you are an environmentally-conscious consumer and would like a battery that takes this into consideration, POWEROAD is a great option.

POWEROAD is a professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer that prides itself on environmentally friendly technology.

Here at Battery PowerZone, we have the popular POWEROAD Lithium-Ion Battery PLFP-7L at only R1021.20.

Frequently Asked Questions on Security Batteries

How to choose the right security battery for your security system?

This is an interesting question and will depend on how extensive your security system is.

Some security systems consist only of an alarm, while others are more complex and have movement sensors and outdoor beams.

Generally speaking, most South African alarm systems can use 12V batteries. These are normally deep cycle batteries that can power your entire system.

Your battery normally kicks in when the power goes off. When there are constant power outages (like there are in South Africa), this can cause your battery’s lifespan to shorten, in which case you’d need to replace it more often.

Battery PowerZone recommends doing periodic checks of your security system’s batteries to ensure that it is still functioning well.

How to change your security system battery?

Many people call in a professional when they need to change their security system’s battery.

However, changing your alarm system’s battery is quite easy and is something that you can definitely do on your own.

Battery PowerZone recommends changing its battery every few years to ensure that it can support you during a power outage.

The first step is to remove the alarm panel cover. Simply unscrew it and then wait for the alarm to go off. When it does, key in your security code.

Now you can locate the battery (it’s normally identifiable by the two red and black terminals). Ensure that the two terminals don’t touch and carefully lift the battery out, taking care not to disturb the other wires on the panel.

Set the old battery aside and insert the new battery. Be sure to connect the red and black terminals safely and securely and then double-check that everything has been connected properly.

Once done, you can replace the cover panel and your alarm system should work much better with its new battery.

How do I know my security system battery needs replacing?

Generally speaking, security system batteries only last a few years, so if yours is a few years old, chances are that it needs replacing.

Other signs that your battery needs to be replaced include your alarm system making a chirping noise and not responding when you activate the alarm system.

With the frequent load shedding that takes place in South Africa, the constant power outages wear out alarm system batteries faster than usual, so it’s a good idea to monitor yours closely.

What must I do with my old alarm battery?

Here at Battery PowerZone, we are passionate about the environment and try to have the lowest possible carbon footprint.

It is for this reason that we recommend always recycling your old alarm batteries. Look out for the special battery recycling bins where you normally recycle your paper and other goods.

If you’re still having trouble finding a suitable battery recycling site, come over to any Battery PowerZone and we will do it for you!

All our batteries are available for sale online for your convenience with nationwide delivery. Included in our products are battery chargers, charging accessories, testing equipment, solar power products and inverters.

Visit a Battery PowerZone branch near you for great customer service and immediate attention for all your battery requirements from the smallest lithium-ion battery to large batteries for commercial applications.

The Battery PowerZone Product Warranty and Terms and Conditions are available on our website. Please keep your invoice for any claim and proof of delivery for online purchases.

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