Battery Power-Zone: Your Trusted Partner for Backup Power Battery Solutions

Battery Power-Zone: Your Trusted Partner for Backup Power Battery Solutions />


Every South African knows that it is difficult to rely on the unpredictable power grid.

To keep your household and office functioning whether there is a power outage or not, you need to have a solid power backup solution.

Here at Battery Power-Zone, we have everything you need when it comes to batteries. Whether you need a good quality battery for your generator, industrial batteries to keep your factory functioning optimally, or you need reliable batteries for a UPS or Battery Backup Power Supply, Battery Power-Zone has you covered!

With increasing power demand, power shortages and unplanned outages BPZ understands that South Africans are facing daily challenges. 

Working through or simply just living through a power outage, is unpleasant for everyone. Power outages drastically decrease productivity. Often power outages affect appliance durability, shut off security systems and can affect the longevity of a battery, like an automated gate battery. In working environments, where a UPS is unavailable, it can also result in work lost. 

Even though you can’t predict when the next power outage is coming (even with a comprehensive load shedding schedule), the good news is that you can plan ahead for the next one with Battery Power-Zone. 

Battery Power-Zone is a leading battery supplier with innovative solutions to address the current power challenges that households and offices face.

There are many product options at BPZ that will greatly assist in power backup solutions. Explore our range of:

However, we also have a wide range of Solar Batteries, Inverters and Solar Power Accessories that include solar panels and charge controllers.

Don’t get caught unaware during the next power outage or load shedding! Preparation is key and should start with a visit to your local Battery Power-Zone store or visit to our online store.

Suggestions from Battery Power-Zone on backup power maintenance:

As a leading battery retailer in South Africa, and understanding our 14-year load-shedding history, here are our top suggestions for maintaining your backup power supply:

  • Ensure that your generator’s battery is still optimal. Like most things in life, batteries have a limited lifespan and it is essential to ensure that your generator’s battery is still in good condition. There is nothing worse than experiencing a power outage, and realizing that your generator won’t start due to a faulty battery. It is also recommended that you keep a spare generator battery close by.

  • Invest in a UPS - you’ll thank us later! A UPS (or uninterrupted power supply) keeps your computer running for a limited time when there is no electricity.

These days, a UPS is no longer considered a nice-to-have as people are increasingly relying on their computers for work and entertainment. If you have a UPS, you should check the battery regularly to ensure that it will still work when there is load shedding again.

  • Do you have a battery backup power supply? If so, make sure that its batteries are still working optimally! A battery backup power supply is slightly different to that of a UPS mainly because a battery backup power supply can power more items for longer periods, whereas a UPS will power less items for shorter periods. The sole purpose of a UPS is to reduce the risk of work loss due to a power outage. A battery backup power supply is a great alternative to a generator. The disadvantage though, is that once the batteries are drained, they won’t restore power until re-charged.

Just like a UPS, the batteries in your backup power supply will need to be regularly checked.

At Battery Power-Zone, you can also purchase testing equipment as well as battery chargers.

What does a backup power supply need to power when there is load shedding?

  • Essential lights. These include lights in your main living area, key bedrooms, and outside your property.

  • Gate motor and garage door. Being locked out of your own property or not being able to park your car in the garage is incredibly frustrating and inconvenient, which is why connecting these to a backup power system is essential.

  • Alarm system. Many criminals take advantage of homes that are experiencing a power outage as they know that it is likely that their alarm systems are not working. Don’t allow this to happen to you and make sure that your alarm system functions during periods of no electricity.

  • Entertainment system. While a power outage is a great opportunity to spend quality time with family, tensions can soon run high, especially if you don’t know when the power is coming back on. We recommend connecting a TV to a backup power supply for convenience.

  • Computers. If you work from home or are a student, ensuring that your computer remains on (or your laptop battery charged), can help you to remain on schedule and still get things done.

Back-up power is now almost an essential item for every household. 

Although load shedding schedules are published ahead of time by Eskom, everyone knows that you need to take these with a pinch of salt.

It is not uncommon for load shedding to take place earlier than scheduled or at unexpected times. Combine this with the regular power outages that aren’t related to load shedding, and you understand why there is such a great need for battery backup power.

Regardless of who is living in your household, chances are that you need power to perform your daily tasks and work.

For instance, A work-from-home professional might need to have continued access to their WiFi connection and a charged laptop battery.

Whatever your situation, having a reliable power backup solution makes a lot of sense!

Read our article BPZ Standby and Back-up Power to understand:

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  • Which batteries can be used in a UPS system

Ready to prepare your home or office for the next load shedding event or power failure? Visit Battery Power-Zone!

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