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How to take care of your car battery?


How to take care of your car battery? />
BPZ understands the importance of taking care of your automotive battery. If the warning signs are ignored, you could very well end up with a dead battery. Like every component, the car battery life is limited, and, eventually, one will need to purchase a new battery but with proper maintenance, you can extend its lifespan. With that in mind, BPZ would like to recommend a few measures one can take to make one’s battery last. Our key focus here will be on the lead-acid battery since it is the most common type of battery found in cars. read more

Leisure Batteries


Leisure Batteries />
BPZ believes in addressing the needs of all our customers present in the battery market. Usually in everyday life, when we say battery, we are referring to automotive batteries which are normally found in cars. This generalisation can make it confusing for consumers when trying to deal with a different type of battery. Today, we will discuss the distinctions between the standard automotive and a leisure battery. read more

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