Will My Camping Fridge Drain My Car Battery?

Will My Camping Fridge Drain My Car Battery? />


The camping fridge is a popular electrical appliance and considered by many a necessity for camping trips.

Usually used to keep beverages and drinks chilled and ready for consumption, it certainly offers great utility and improves the experience of the trip.

The camping fridge requires a power source so it is a natural question to ask if it can be powered by a car battery. This question will be addressed from different perspectives.

In theory, yes, it is possible to power a camping fridge using a car battery. Naturally, the battery would drain as a result of being connected to the camping fridge, but the amount of drainage is relatively low.

In fact, if the battery is large enough and in good health, it can power a small camping fridge overnight and still function properly in the morning.

To explain this scenario, we can try to illustrate it with numbers. The car battery can be taken as 12V 100 Ah while the fridge may be of 12V 4 Ah.

Even after accounting for the inefficiencies, the battery should be able to power the fridge for around 15-20 hours.

With that in mind, leaving the fridge connected to the battery overnight would still leave enough charge in the battery to perform its role as an automotive battery.

That being said, it is best to use a deep cycle battery for powering the fridge. This is because the deep cycle battery is specifically designed to provide steady current and power electronics like a camping fridge.

This would also eliminate the risk of over-draining and permanently damaging the car battery.

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