How Do You Charge A Battery While Camping?

How Do You Charge A Battery While Camping? />


A pertinent concern when making use of a battery at a camping site is the availability of options for charging it. There are different approaches to charge the battery at a camping site. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks, so it is best to look at them one by one.

One option is to use your automotive alternator to charge your camping/deep cycle battery. This requires a DC-DC charger which acts as an interface between the main starting and the auxiliary  batteries.

This is a good option if the vehicle happens to be a truck with a big battery. Still, despite the protection of the DC-DC charger, there is a possibility that SLI battery gets over-drained if one uses a cheap system.

If a charging point is available at the camping site, then this is the best-case scenario. Here, a smart A.C battery charger can be used to charge the camping battery.

The charging is done efficiently and the process is carried safely since smart chargers have built-in protection mechanisms which protect the battery from overcharging.

The main downside of this approach is the fact that many camping sites do not have a power outlet available.

Another interesting method is to make use of solar panels for charging the battery. Generally, camping sites get ample sunlight so solar panels become a feasible solution.

This requires solar panels of the correct rating to match your camping battery and a solar charge controller for ensuring safe charging of the battery.

Opting for solar charging increases the need to carry additional equipment to the camping site and if the weather happens to be cloudy, the panels may not work properly.

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