What Is The Best Deep Cycle Battery For Camping?

What Is The Best Deep Cycle Battery For Camping? />


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General market research and study has established that the deep cycle battery is the best choice for camping. This, however, is just one layer of the question.

If further exploration is done, one may wonder what sub-category of deep cycle battery is best for camping. To answer this concern, a study of the available option needs to be done.

The lead acid deep cycle battery is generally the most common choice as it is readily available in most stores and facilities. The reason behind its popularity is its low cost and reasonable level of service.

The trade-off for this cost saving is the fact that it has a relatively shorter lifespan and requires more frequent maintenance.

The absorbent glass mat (AGM) battery is considered the best option for most camping situations. It is more expensive than the flooded Lead acid battery, but it offers greater benefits as well.

It has longer cycle lifespan due to its slower discharge rate while its lower internal resistance allows it to charge quickly as well. Furthermore, it requires lesser maintenance too. That being said, it is not without its problems.

AGM batteries are heavier and are prone to overcharging on poor quality chargers due to their fast charge acceptance.

If one needs the most cutting-edge option, then a Lithium-ion battery is the best choice. They are the most expensive and improve upon the features offered by the AGM battery.

A key point of convenience is the fact that they are extremely light which makes them more portable. On the other hand, lower quality and older technology units can be prone to catching fire, so they need to be handled carefully in a camp setting.

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